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Advice for Interviewing Self-Storage Managers

Man interviewing a storage manager over the phone

I have known Carol for over 3 decades now and I always use SkilCheck Services to telephone shop my self-storage managers. With her experience and training skills, most of my site managers and relief managers score 80-100%; and since she knows my company, Mini-Management Services, places self-storage site managers, area, DM, and regional managers nationwide, […]

Why SkilCheck’s Mystery Shopping Works So Well For Storage Facilities!

female self storage manager training an male employee

The Importance of Follow-Up Sales Training The monthly evaluation of self-storage managers’ sales skills was recommended to our company, National Self Storage, by an employee training expert, Donald Michalak.  He was hired as an outside consultant to evaluate our 10-day training program and offered several ways to improve our training effectiveness.  The major issue Michalak focused on […]

Maximizing Profits In A Difficult Storage Market!

Times are getting tough among self-storage businesses in America right now! We have noticed that standard rates have dropped as well as occupancy. So, how do we effectively manage self-storage assets during an economic downturn? The best storage operators weather recession fatigue more easily, but why is that? It is because they assess the rates […]