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Telephone Mystery Shop Cost:  $60 Per Employee
In-Person Mystery Shop Cost:  $95 Per Employee


West-Coast Self-Storage Management


Over 40 years of developing, owning, managing and improving self-storage properties in the western U.S., our self-storage management experience will help you continue to grow your profits and improve your bottom line.


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"Self-Storage Auditing for Fraud"
Written By: Carol Mixon | Owner, SkilCheck Services, Inc.


Recognizing fraud in its many forms is paramount to managing a facility. Missing the clues and warning signs can cost money, time and energy.  Carol Mixon has audited 1000s of facilities and in this book, she brings her wealth of experience to help you detect fraud, understand what to look for, identify the tell-tale signs, see the inconsistencies, and learn what not to do moving forward.
All orders receive a digital file with the 14 forms, sample letters and checklists discussed in the book.

Self-Storage Audits


Self-storage is a very specialized form of auditing with its own indigenous problems of embezzlement opportunities!  Our auditing services are in-depth and specific to the self-storage industry.

Self-Storage Hiring | Self-Storage Personnel Support


Your employees are your competitive advantage!  Our personnel support services include hiring, operations manuals, lien sale manuals, webinars and more.

Self-Storage Training Products


We offer the self-storage industry great training products including manuals, webinars, telephone sales checklists and so much more!  Find what you need for your site on our products page!

Self-Storage Customer Service Training


We offer state-of-the art training with our telephone evaluations with video coaching, webinars and seminars,  giving your managers & employees a competitive edge!

Self-Storage Seminars | Self-Storage In-Person Training


Carol Mixon-Krendl regularly speaks at self-storage seminars & tradeshows covering topics such as the importance of auditing, providing an exceptional customer experience, understanding lien sales and more! 

West Coast Self-Storage Management| Self-Storage Expert

self-storage MANAGEMENT

Whether you are new to self-storage or a seasoned veteran, our West Coast Self-Storage Management packages can help you increase your bottom line.



Over 35 Years Experience


Thousands of Managers Trained


Over 100 Articles Written


We believe that in the self-storage industry,
facilities don't compete...
great managers do !

Give your managers the tools to grow their potential and your profits!


Experienced West Coast Self-Storage Management

✔ Grow Your Profits

✔ Create an Atmosphere of Deterrence 

✔ Enhance Employee Performance

✔ Maintenance of Behavior

✔ Employee & Store Compliance

Our President, Carol Mixon, has been a leading trainer and auditor in the self-storage industry for over 30 years.  With experience in both self-storage management and ownership, she has the ability to get your managers at the top of their customer service game!


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