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Services We Provide

Self Storage Audits | SkilCheck Services, Inc.Self Storage Audits

Self storage property auditing is a very specialized form of auditing.  The industry has its own indigenous problems and opportunities.  Most owners perfer to have an outside party with self storage experience handle their operational audits.  

Self Storage Training Seminars| SkilCheck Services, Inc.training seminars

Our president, Carol A. Mixon, is the best trainer in the self storage industry.  With over 25 years of teaching experience and a degree in education, she can and will help your self storage managers succeed.

Self Storage Consulting | SkilCheck Services, Inc.self storage consulting

Carol A. Mixon is available to be your self storage expert!  Offering a monthly consulting agreement, Carol can help you get your property into tip-top shape.  Her years of experience as an ownere and property manager will prove to you to be worth having her on board.  

Self Storage Personnel Support| SkilCheck Services, Inc.Hiring & personnel support

Utilize SkilCheck's years of hiring experience in the self storage industry - let our experts help you through your resume collection all the way through to your interviews.

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