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SkilCheck Services, Inc.

Your Managers Make All the Difference...

Give them the training they need and want from the self-storage experts they know and trust!

In-Person Mystery Shops

Have a local, non-biased shopper visit your self-storage facility and hear their honest feedback on your managers' customer service and the state of your facility!



Our process is never a mystery!

  • Pre-Visit

    Your in-person mystery shop will begin with a short phone call from your dedicated shopper to make sure the facility is open when they arrive to shop.  No wasted trips this way!

  • The Visit

    Your mystery shopper will inquire about prices and availability for a unit from the front office manager upon arrival.  Each shopper is trained to let the self-storage manager lead the sales presentation.  If a tour of the unit is not offered, your shopper will ASK to see one!

  • Audio File

    Every in-person mystery shop is audio recorded by your mystery shopper.  This is such an amazing training tool for you and your self-storage manager!

  • The Evaluation

    An extensive evaluation is filled out by your mystery shopper and sent directly to your email from your SkilCheck account manager.

In-Person Mystery Shop

$95 | Each Employee Shopped

Don't Forget...
  • All shops are AUDIO RECORDED!
  • Yes, we can shop specific managers for you!
  • We have NO onboarding fees!