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Hiring the right self storage manager

Not everyone is cut out for a job in self-storage. A manager needs a variety of skills and personality traits. It can be difficult to find great people to wear the many hats necessary for facility management, but as an owner, hiring is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. The following will help you develop a process that relies a bit on intuition but focuses on researching each candidate.

CONDUCT BACKGROUND CHECKSSelf Storage Manager Hiring | SkilCheck Services, Inc.

Background checks are no longer just a requirement for high-security jobs. Before hiring someone to manage your self-storage business, conduct a thorough investigation into their past.  It’s estimated that 40 percent of background checks turn up at least one serious discrepancy!


Many job applicants put on a performance during the interview, trying to behave in a way they think the owner/supervisor wants to see and hear. Some are dishonest on their applications or résumés, making up work histories, embellishing job responsibilities or titles, or changing employment dates.  Your background checks should include calls to former employers to ensure the information on the résumé and application is accurate.


Although a thorough review of an applicant’s criminal and employment history is necessary, those in charge of hiring at your company must follow employment laws and take care to avoid discriminatory practices.


Once you’ve made a hiring mistake, it’s difficult to fix without collateral damage. Studies have shown that poor hiring can lower employee morale and cause a decrease in staff performance. Other damaging consequences include lost customers and higher training and turnover costs. The average cost of a bad hire is two and a half times the employee’s salary. In self-storage, it can be three times.


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