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Client & Shopper Testimonials

(All evaluation reports will be sent to this e-mail)

(All evaluation reports will be sent to this e-mail)

(If your site is numbered, please let us know how you’d like them labeled)

(Please include first and last name for each employee as well as any nicknames)

  1. All employees will be set up on a monthly shopping schedule.  If you need to pause your phone shops, SkilCheck requires a 2-week notice prior to the beginning of the month.  After the first of the month, if shops are cancelled, a $45 fee will incur to offset setup time.
  2. I hereby authorize SkilCheck Services, Inc. to call my business to record and/or evaluate my employee’s sales and customer service performance. 
  3. I have notified my employees in writing and will advise all future employees that their sales conversations may be recorded.  I understand that the evaluations are provided for training purposes only and should not be used as a basis for termination of an employee.  I am giving full consent as owner or on behalf of owner for SkilCheck Services to call upon my business.
  4. This agreement pertains to any and all evaluations of the company's employees.


*NOTE: Upon form submission, you will be taken to a page where you can upload Facility Schedule docs...

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