Mystery Shoppers

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What the Telephone Mystery Shopper position entails:

  • The SkilCheck telephone mystery shopper will be calling businesses and posing as a potential customer.  We are hired by individual business owners who utilize us for training purposes.

  • The companies we call are open from 9am - 5pm in their time zones - telephone shops need to be made during those hours in order to reach a staff member.

  • Everyone we shop is AWARE they are going to be shopped and trained by SkilCheck.


  • You need to be a GREAT ACTOR!  

  • Let your creative juices flow.  We need you to think on your feet and make up stories as you go.

  • SkilCheck does not reimburse you for your phone charges – you must have an unlimited calling plan on whatever phone you choose to use.

  • Professional phone skills are a must!

  • You must have access to a computer and working internet

  • You must be familiar with using a cloud server to receive your assignments and be able to log in to a site to get your calls

  • Computer literacy is important!

  • This job is TEMPORARY and PART-TIME - you will eventually be recognized by our clients if you call too often

  • You will be hired as a 1099 Independent Contractor and will be making your own hours, letting us know when you are available to make calls.


  • You will be utilizing a unique SkilCheck phone number to dial into for each of your telephone mystery shops that tracks your time on all of the calls you make for us.

  • Every 2-weeks, we convert your phone time into hours and pay our shoppers via check.SkilCheck Mystery Shoppers




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