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Telephone Mystery Shopping

A good telephone mystery shopping program gives you the opportunity to hear for yourself how your employees handle all of their incoming customer service phone calls.

SkilCheck's Telephone Mystery Shopping Program

Telephone Mystery Shopping
NEW! Telephone Mystery Shopping evaluations now available in Spanish & French if you use live call tracking numbers.

Customer service is one of the most important skills your employees can have!

That is where telephone mystery shopping comes in. Our telephone mystery shopping program is the most popular form of customer service training and is sure to help your employees improve their telephone skills fast!

How Our Telephone Mystery Shop Works...
  • Our telephone mystery shopper will phone your business posing as a potential customer OR we can use your existing live call tracking numbers to score your employees.

  • Our professional customer service evaluators score your telephone mystery shop...
    ****Yes, we can make you a customized telephone mystery shopping evaluation form!****

  • You receive the telephone mystery shopping report via email or via your personal SkilCheck Services webpage

    Telephone Mystery Shopping Certificate
  • Employees who score 90 or above...
    If your employee scores a 90 or above on the SkilCheck customer service evaluation scale for their telephone mystery shop, they receive from us a professional certificate of completion for their outstanding customer service.
  • Employees who score 100!
    Those employees who score 100 on the SkilCheck scale receive a special certificate for their perfect telephone mystery shop. At the end of the year, they also receive one of our esteemed “SkilCheck Sales Superstar” pins for outstanding customer service and salesmanship!
Use Your Telephone Mystery Shop!

We want our clients to use these telephone mystery shops as a positive training tool. Our telephone mystery shopping reports will tell you what your employee is doing right and what will need work. Use our great telephone mystery shopping evaluations and recorded phone calls to help them be the best they can be and help your store succeed!

Our Pricing

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Evaluation & Recording
$35.00 Per Employee
(Discounts Given for Volume)

Recording Only
$20.00 Per Employee
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