</p> <p>Telephone Mystery Shopping for all businesses in the United States and Canada.</p> <p>

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Are you ready for your employees’ telephone sales skills to improve? We can make it happen….NOW!!

 Our telephone mystery shopping program is the most popular form of customer service training and is sure to help your employees improve their telephone skills fast!

We can use your actual customer/employee phone calls!  Click here to find out how!!!

Watch one of our most popular self storage training videos!

Here is How the SkilCheck ServicesTelephone Mystery Shop Works…

  • Our telephone mystery shopper will phone your business posing as a potential customer OR we can use your existing live call tracking numbers to score your employees (More Details Here)
  • All of our telephone mystery shops are recorded.  You can opt to have us score your employee’s recording or you can just simply request the telephone shop recording by itself.
  • If you choose to have your telephone mystery shop evaluated, one of our professional customer service evaluators will be assigned to your company and will listen to your employee’s recording and score your telephone mystery shop noting and crediting customer service skills, how well they relate features & benefits, and much more!
  • Yes, we can make you a customized telephone mystery shopping evaluation form at no charge!
  • You receive the telephone mystery shopping report via email.
  • You will be given a unique username and password to gain access to your company’s telephone shopping results on our SkilCheck Services web page!
  • Your employees can also be given unique usernames and passwords to access their telephone shopping results and history for great training opportunities!
  • Employees who score 90 or above…If your employee scores a 90 or above on their SkilCheck Services customer service evaluation scale for their telephone mystery shop, they receive from us a professional certificate of completion for their outstanding customer service.
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