Self Storage Property Auditing


Self Storage Report Monitoring Service
Available on a monthly, quarterly, or as requested basis!

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  • Rate Variation Review – List of customers who have been at the same standard rate for over one year.  Listed by length of tenancy without an increase in rent.Self Storage Property Auditing
  • Rate Discounts – List of those customers with rental discounts in excess of 15%.
  • Unit Review - List of all units that are showing in reports as Complimentary Spaces and list of current spaces that are marked as Unrentable in software.
  • Exceptions Review – Examination of all Deleted Payments and Charges, each tenant ledger and customer receipt will be reviewed if there is a suspicion of theft.
  • Review of any changes - Changes in units (deletions and additions), size changes, rent changes (e.g., changing rent from normal rate to $0 when taking a payment), etc.
  • Security Settings – Review of any changes in security settings and administrator rights in software. And, Employee Rights reviewed to assure that they are correct and are giving you protection from possible theft.
  • Transfers – Review of excessive unit transfers and credit transfers.
All of the aforementioned information can be mailed in a binder or emailed to you.  You will be able to take any suspicious transactions noted for follow-up with the manager, customer or the tenant files in the office.  Also, we will make notes on any procedural changes that may need to be made based on the review of the aforementioned software reports.


Self storCarol Mixon-Krendlage property auditing is a very specialized form of auditing. The self storage industry has its own indigenous problems and opportunities. In today’s competitive markets, wrought with the ever increasing liabilities of simply owning a self storage facility, many self storage investors and owners prefer to use the services of an experienced self storage management firm for their routine self storage property auditing. SkilCheck Services offers professional self storage property auditing services, coupled with years of experience in the field. Carol Mixon-Krendl, president of SkilCheck Services, has over 25 years of experience in the self storage industry.  We are the industry innovators and leaders!

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