Self Storage Property Auditing

Self Storage Property Auditing

Self storage property auditing is a very specialized form of auditing. The self storage industry has its own indigenous problems and opportunities. In today’s competitive markets, wrought with the ever increasing liabilities of simply owning a self storage facility, many self storage investors and owners prefer to use the services of an experienced self storage management firm for their routine self storage property auditing. SkilCheck Services offers professional self storage property auditing services, coupled with years of experience in the field. Carol Mixon-Krendl, president of SkilCheck Services, has over 25 years of experience in the self storage industry.  We are the industry innovators and leaders!

What a SkilCheck Services Self Storage Property Auditing Package Can Offer You!

♦ Conduct a 100% unit inventory and verify against computer or manual rent roll and vacant spaces

♦ Compare a sampling of 20% of customers’ rental agreements with the computer for correctness

♦ Review a 25%-50% sampling of rental agreement for systemic problems and errors

♦ Review office procedures for compliance of company standard

♦ Review of the company’s operations manual

♦ Review of company’s lien sale proceduresSelf Storage Property Audits

♦ Scan the computer for unauthorized software and duplicate files (used for embezzlement)

♦ Review and make suggestions for improving Yellow Page advertisement

♦ Make suggestions for additional forms and procedures to assist in tracking theft and embezzlement

♦ Web site and Internet Marketing review

♦ Inspect grounds and make recommendations for improving the maintenance of the property

♦ Review the facility inventory procedures and reporting of findings

♦ Review a sampling of auction files for errors and state law compliance

♦ Examine a sampling of deposit slips and daily and monthly reports for audit trail

♦ Auditor will make a complete backup of computer software before departing the facility

♦ Complete marketing analyses for each property and recommendations.

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