Self Storage Business Forms

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Soldiers Civil Relief Act Self Storage Addendum

Soldiers Civil Relief Act Addendum

If you have military personnel and/or their spouse staying at your self storage property, you should have them sign this Soldiers Civil Relief Act Addendum that allows you to sell their goods in the event that you are unable to reach them for non-payment.

PLEASE NOTE: We ALWAYS suggest you first find out if they are active duty deployed.

See our great Soldiers Civil Relief Act Webinar for full details and explanations.

Self Storage Collections Manual

Collections 101

This self storage collections manual contains a comprehensive analysis of effective self storage collection strategies. Auctioning is not your only alternative to recover bad storage debts. We also include valuable information that shows you how to handle difficult self storage sales calls, fair debt collections and skip tracing techniques that are simple and inexpensive for the self storage owner, manager, or employee.

Self Storage Legal Issues

Self Storage Legal Issues – Keep It Legal

This self storage legal forms manual provides simple explanations of common self storage legal problems and recommended solutions. It covers the death of a tenant, self storage contract, bankruptcy, search warrants and other legal issues in the self storage industry.

Self Storage Auction Procedures Forms

Self Storage Auction Procedures Forms

A form for every auction need.

  • Auction Attendee Sign In Sheet
  • Auction Bidder Information
  • Auction Buyer Agreement
  • Auction Claim Form
  • Bill of Sale for Auctioned Space
  • Checklist of Auction Documents
  • Cutomer Auction Summary
  • General Inventory of Auction Items
  • Inventory of Goods
  • Lien Sale Account Form
  • Public Auction Notice
  • Tax Exempt Resale Certificate Form
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