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Self Storage Mystery Shopping

SkilCheck's self storage in person shopping program allows you to view your storage facility's customer service through the eyes of the customer. Learn how your customer service rates and know for sure what your customers are experiencing at your site!

Our In Person Mystery Shopping Program

Our self storage mystery shops are the industry's best. Our self storage mystery shop concentrates on all aspects of your site's sales process, from parking lot cleanliness to your employee's sales presentation. Let SkilCheck send an unbiased, third party shopper to your place of business to help you see how your self storage facility is being portrayed to your customers. Along with our self storage training materials, our self storage in person mystery shops will help you get a big picture of how the public views your property!
  • We send a detail oriented shopper to your facility.
    Our professional self storage mystery shopper is sent to your storage location(s) with a comprehensive mystery shop evaluation form that is completed by your mystery shopper. The self storage mystery shopper scrutinizes everything from parking lot cleanliness to your self storage manager's customer service. Your mystery shopper is asked to carefully take note of the sales presentation and customer service given during the self storage in person mystery shop.
  • We score your facility's appearance and your employee's presentation
    Details about the appearance of your self storage location are noted by your mystery shopper. Each item that we observe during the shop is noted and given a point value. As your self storage employee presents the property, their customer service skills are also noted and given a point value at the end of the shop.
  • Your reports
    After the self storage mystery shop evaluation is completed by our mystery shopper, the reports will be sent to you via email to read in its entirety! You can also log on to your personal SkilCheck web page to read your in person self storage mystery shop reports at your leisure. All self storage mystery shop information is presented in a very user-friendly format and can be viewed at any time.
Combined with our telephone mystery shopping program, SkilCheck's in person self storage mystery shop is top notch! Follow it up with one of our self storage manager training products and you have a winning combination!

Our Pricing

Self Storage Mystery Shopping

$65.00 Per Employee/Location

(Discounts Given for Volume)

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