Incoming Customer Call Evaluations

Customer Call Evaluations

Have existing call tracking numbers in place?

SkilCheck Services offers Incoming Customer Call Evaluations!

You pay a lot of money to get your phone to ring!  SkilCheck Services can help you utilize all of your incoming customer calls for training purposes.  We provide incoming customer call evaluations so you can hear for yourself how well your employees are handling those incoming customer calls!

Here’s what we can do:

  • LET US DO THE LEG WORK:  We can contact your current call tracking number provider and request a user login for your call tracking account and have them send you a request to allow us access to download calls for your customer call evaluations.
  • WE’LL FIND THE SALES CALLS TO EVALUATE:  We will scan through all of your incoming customer calls and skip over any existing custo
    Incoming Customer Call Evaluationsmers, rushed customers, ‘cranky’ customers, etc.  We seek out those incoming calls that give your employees the opportunity to sell on the phone, giving you a full scope of their skills on their customer call evaluation.
  • WHAT WE SEARCH FOR:  To make the customer call evaluation fair for your employes, we search for new client calls where customers are seeking information about your facility and rates.
  • RESULTS:  Once we find a call for the specific employee we’re looking for, we download the recording and evaluate it with our time proven SkilCheck evaluation form and send it your way – the recording will be attached to the evaluation so you’ll hear which one we chose to score for that particular customer call evaluation.

Don’t have existing call tracking numbers in place?

Call or Email SkilCheck Services today – we can help you get them set up!!!

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