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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Are you concerned with the amount of move-outs you’re seeing lately? SkilCheck can take your most recent move out list and phone your customers to determine why they left and even where they moved to.


Why did your customers leave?

It’s important to know why your self storage customers moved out Customer Satisfaction Surveysand even where they went if you feel they are moving on to other facilities in the area.

That’s where SkilCheck comes in…

Our professional SkilCheck operators will gladly call your most current move out list (provided by you) and survey each person to determine why they left.

✓Was it the price?
✓Bad customer service?
✓Did they find a better deal elsewhere?

Let us do a thorough survey and report back to you on our findings. We find that the vast majority of customers who have moved out are happy to relay to the corporate office the reason for their departure.


Surveys are done in a timely manner and can be conducted in English AND Spanish. 

Call us today and we can discuss your options. All surveys will be customized to answer all questions you may have for your tenants.

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