Self Storage Competition Mystery Shops

Self Storage Competition Mystery Shops

Save yourself the headache of trying to get your competitors to cooperate. Let SkilCheck do your self storage competition mystery shops for you! We will phone or visit your competitors in person and evaluate their customer service skills. Compare apples to apples!

Let Us Mystery Shop Your Self Storage Competition!

We know you’re busy! Competition Mystery Shopping can cost you time and money. Let SkilCheck’s competition mystery shoppers telephone or shop your competition in person to evaluate their customer service skills and to obtain their important features & benefits that compete with yours.

  • Our mystery shopper will mystery shop the competition of your choice posing as a potential client through our telephone mystery shopping program. The competition mystery shopper lets our shoppers interact with the employee or manager who answers in a manner befitting a potential customer. This telephone mystery shop is then professionally evaluated to determine your competitor’s sales techniques.
  • After evaluating the competitor’s employee or manager’s customer service skills, we are able to relay the competition mystery shop to you by way of a detailed competition evaluation form.
  • This competition mystery shop will tell you how your competitor’s facility ranks. This competition evaluation form is e-mailed directly to you once it is completed by our telephone mystery shopper and is in an easy to read format.
  • Included in this evaluation are:  your competitors’ rates, features, and specials as well as how great (or not so great) their customer service skills are!

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