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"The Warning Signs of Self Storage Embezzlement"
Self storage is a very specialized form of auditing. The self storage industry has its own indigenous problems and opportunities. In today's competitive markets, wrought with the ever increasing liabilities of simply owning a self storage facility, many self storage investors and owners prefer to use the services of an experienced auditing firm.

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SkilCheck's Channel on YouTube

Check out SkilCheck's YouTube channel. We post helpful Q&A sessions on a regular basis for everyone to learn from.
Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Save time and get your employees shopped quickly with our telephone mystery shopping program.
Self Storage Mystery Shopping

Self Storage In Person Shopping

Have your employees shopped in person. Learn what your customers are experiencing through their eyes.
Self Storage Webinars

Self Storage Training Webinars

Our self storage webinars and trainings are the industry standard. Learn from the very best, Carol Krendl!
Competition Mystery Shopping

Competition Mystery Shopping

Let us mystery shop your competitors for rates, availability, and customer service! Save yourself the time!
Self Storage Move Out Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Had a string of move outs? We're equipped to help you learn why.
Self Storage Property Audits

Self Storage Property Audits

SkilCheck Services has performed countless self storage property audits. Learn how we can help you, no matter where you are!
Self Storage Job Hotline

Self Storage Job Listings - Help Wanted

Have a job to post? Looking for a self storage manager or new employee? We've got just the thing to help you out!
Employee Background Checks

Employee Background Checks

Our private investigator will do a thorough self storage background check on any potential employee for your company.
Customer Service Seminars

In Person
Self Storage Training

Carol Krendl will visit your location to present your employees & managers with a personalized self storage seminar.
Carol Krendl - SkilCheck Services

Carol Krendl Self Storage Expert

Learn how Carol got her start and how this expert made SkilCheck Services the best training company in the industry.
Self Storage Business Business Forms

Self Storage Products & Forms

Need a business form for your self storage facility? We have them! From day to day operations to lien sales, SkilCheck has you covered.

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